– we approve each one manually, so your pin might not show up right away.

  • Step 2: Click on "Map Access" in upper right and use password: "CESmemberkey23" (no quotes - case sensitive). Click on "UNLOCK."
  • Step 3: On the top menu bar click on "additions" and then "Add marker-simple."  Place a pin on the map NEAR your hometown (NOT on your house!) - no personal info please! Use your first name (not biz name) and last name (or last initial will do) as long as it matches what appears on Facebook. Please add a picture - we suggest you use the same pic that you use on Facebook if possible. To add your image, click on your name, and then click the "media" tab.
  • Step 4: YOUR PIN MAY NOT APPEAR ON THE MAP RIGHT AWAY! We are approving them manually to prevent abuse of our map. If you pin has not appeared within 24 hours of you posting it, feel free to post another pin.
  • Step 5: Please check that there is NO OTHER PERSONAL INFO besides a pic. We will delete out phone numbers, email addresses, websites etc. Please report if you see these things on our map.
  • Step 6: Zoom out on the map using the controls on the left hand side of the map page to find others in your region. Add yourself to this Facebook membership page to find and "friend" the people who have pins near yours - Here's the link to join our FB group -> Connect with those nearest you one at a time via FB private message- have fun! Start a meetup group or mastermind!
  • Step 7: Feel free to share this map link with other Facebook groups who have online entrepreneurs like you! We welcome all Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, offlinebiz marketers, website builders, affiliate marketers etc. are all welcome!

Follow the below instructions, or for step by step
video instructions watch this video as you go:

Local Facebook groups and meet up groups are forming out of our expanding community!

Please read this before launching a new local Facebook meet up group for fellow MST members. We can help you spread the word ONLY if you follow these steps and rules:

1) First, determine if there's already a local meet up group established (more than one in an area is fine, but you should start by finding out what's set up already and see how you can join what's already happening!) Search this this thread for a list of cities:

2) If you find a local group near you in that thread, join it! We'll keep a list of cities and regions handy as the list grows.

3) If you don't see a group near you, start one and contact the others who live near you via Facebook messaging using the instructions at the top of this page. Read these rules when naming your group or you WON'T be able to advertise your group to other MST Facebook members:

The group name and description must be regionally specific, inclusive, and appropriately inclusive of all MST members in the region. (i.e. we'd love to see you advertise "South Cincinnati Online Entrepreneurs" on or Facebook page, but we won't allow a group named "Midwest Online Sellers $500K+ Mastermind" to advertise on inside the MST Facebook page)

Here's the group Jim launched as an example:

4) Before you post a link to your group on our MST Facebook page, please note these rules:

Post Facebook group announcements as a comment in this thread only:

Any posts about your local meet up or events that are posted elsewhere in our Facebook group will be deleted. Why do we do this? Because we don't want a hundred local group announcements per day clogging our newsfeed as "new conversations" on this topic. We will create a directory of groups if this idea catches on, but we WON'T ever be allowing local meet up announcements in our general news feed in the MST Facebook group.

This is NOT an opportunity to advertise paid conferences. We only want to see REGULARLY RECURRING (i.e. monthly), FREE, OPEN TO ANYONE discussion group type meet ups that support the CES model. If you aren't sure what the CES model is, please read the book "Silent Sales Machine" and THEN launch your group. Any posts about paid events or conferences will be deleted and considered a rule violation.

Only LIVE meet ups are allowed. We don't want "virtual" meet ups, live online broadcast announcements etc. to be listed on our MST Facebook page. Such posts will be deleted.

Unsure if you should post an announcement? Please contact our support team. Details below!

5) Once your group is established, stick a pin in the map (using the above instructions at the top of this page), and include a link to your group's Facebook page along with the name. Next, make a post in this Facebook group announcing your group:

Even if you don't have a date set up yet, get the ball rolling by inviting those on the map (instructions above) to join your local group!

Before attending a group:

Although the vast majority of our members on the Facebook MST group are incredible, giving, honest, caring, helpful people, please note the following important precautions:

We don't in any way monitor the leadership capabilities, honesty, integrity or character of those who join our community or of those who launch new groups locally and announce them in our Facebook group. Please use an abundance of caution when attending or researching a group. Hang out in the "online group" before attending he live events.

Meet in safe, public, well known places. Connect by phone with others planning to attend before going yourself. Get to know those near you with caution. While the odds of anything negative happening is low due to the high character of our audience, these things must be said out of an abundance of caution.

Have a questions, feedback or suggestions? Visit this Facebook thread and give us your thoughts::